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Limited Edition 1/10 / 90 x 90 cm / Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta 315g / Certified and signed.

"... To love means seeing, suggesting, appreciating and respecting.
Intimacy is a sensation, a particular instant, an fleeting moment which occurs between a lucky few.

In this case, for the Femme Nue collection: She and I and one guest, Light.
Without light, there is no volume, no mystery, no emotion.
To show life, the one fantasized or merely a daily one which becomes a scene, is my obligation ¡

The intent is to capture a fragment of a moment so that the act becomes luminous,...respectful and loving.
The woman becomes indispensable, her body reveals beauty, simplicity and voluptuousness.

Showing intimacy calls for respect of the body, the soul and the woman.
We perform a score all in delicacy like a slow journey where the caress of the eyes is allowed.
We allow ourselves to love the moment and make it timeless.
I love the other, ....
The setting is simple, a restricted space, an "envelope" with a known outline... She just came out of the bathroom...stops for a moment in front of her mirror, her hair is still wet, her body is molded by the light, it's warm, the door to the terrace is open... Just a reflection appears. We all have this image in mind, every day, the same gesture, the same place, a freeze frame,...a body, no words exchanged, naked beauty, beautiful and prominent.
Desire is in my eyes, a few seconds of life, becoming eternity, ...."

Eric Chauvet